Recovery to Mormonism... or perhaps recovery from recovery from Mormonism or recovery from anti or ex-Mormonism, or simply recovery from problems and frustrations...this site is for you!

Recovery to Mormonism

This Website is about recovery to Mormonism. There are some people who proclaim that they can help you recover from Mormonism, but that is not “the” real recovery.

Jesus Christ MormonIt is sad to read stories of people who have lost their faith and who are now highly concerned with telling everyone else why they too should disbelieve. If the alternatives are so much better, why not focus on the virtues of the alternatives instead of the perceived failings of Mormonism?

I wonder what Judas Iscariot would write about Jesus if he was allowed to write on the Internet. Nothing personal against Judas—or against perhaps a new version of the rich young man—but I think that reading Peter or John’s testimonies about Jesus is more uplifting, illuminating, and definitively true than reading what people like Judas or the rich young man may have to say. The interesting thing is that people like Judas always find those who want to listen to them, and so do those who have some unresolved issues against Jesus, Joseph Smith, or President Hinckley and so on.

Joseph Smith said that many people leave the Church but cannot leave the Church alone.

Why? I would suggest that in spite of what they say, the truth is that they are not at peace. They have abandoned the source of their happiness and they cannot rest. They cannot be neutral. They need to be against.

This is nothing new, obviously. The Savior was constantly opposed and so was Joseph Smith. In fact, anti-Mormon views parallel those of the opposition to the early Church which Christ founded when he was on the earth.

In this website we will discuss some of the issues that the ex-Mormons, anti-Mormons, and “recovered-from-Mormonism” people use in their battle against the Mormon Church.

More importantly, we will talk about what the Gospel of Jesus Christ can teach people who need to experience a true recovery to the light, to the life, and to the Church: people who may never have been members of the Mormon Church and people who abandoned the Church and who can finally come to themselves and, like the prodigal son, come back to the true fold.

This is our mission: a mission of love, and not of contention.