Recovery to Mormonism... or perhaps recovery from recovery from Mormonism or recovery from anti or ex-Mormonism, or simply recovery from problems and frustrations...this site is for you!

Recovery to Mormonism

Mormon ChurchYou may have heard of “recovery from Mormonism.” And wondered . . . why would someone need to recover from a religion? That’s a good question. And it’s also one that ex-Mormons and anti-Mormons promptly answer . . . with distortions, with quotes taken out of context, with accusations and exaggerations. They try to drive people away from the Mormon Church through fear. We hope that this site will promote understanding – the real secret behind Mormonism is that it’s much better to recover to than from. The rumors and exaggerations don’t change the truth.

The issues of the anti- and ex-Mormons tend to fall into categories, which we’ll cover. Because Mormonism has doctrine, scripture, and history that makes it unique (although, doesn’t every church have a unique history?), these come under attack, sometimes constant. Even if, when explained, they don’t seem to merit attacks after all. The Book of Mormon, Church history, and Mormon doctrine . . . are these what the enemies of the Church say they are? No. Read on!

– Do Mormons worship Jesus or someone else? Anti- and ex-Mormons will have you believe that they do not worship the Savior. In reality, Mormons do believe in and worship Jesus Christ.Jesus Christ

– Mormon doctrine is supposedly so weird that Mormons can’t be Christian and believe it. In fact, there is nothing in Mormon doctrine that sets it against Christianity at all. Mormon Doctrine

– The keystone of the Mormon faith. Enemies of the Church make all sorts of arguments to somehow “disprove” it, but the book has withstood them very well.The Book of Mormon

Church History – No, Mormons are not perfect people—nobody except Jesus Christ is. But is Mormon history really even a fraction as scandalous as anti-Mormons would have you believe? Not at all.

– What are Mormon Temples? Because of the sacredness of Mormon temples, Mormons, who do not speak of temples openly, are falsely accused of hiding secret evil doctrines in temples. In truth, these sacred buildings are used for sacred saving ordinances that center around Jesus Christ. Mormon Temples